Why High-Fat Diets Are Ideal for Busy Moms

Before I break down my top 5 reasons why eating fat is fab, allow me to preface this by saying that I am not endorsing or encouraging a low/no-carb diet. Not by any means. We need carbs to get fiber…and regularly consuming around 30g of dietary fiber each day has incredible long-term health benefits. That said, carbs from nutrient-dense foods are absolutely necessary (and can be super yummy!). However, ALL of us could benefit from eating less starchy foods overall (especially sugary, processed, or baked goods), and instead eating more healthy fats from whole, nutritious foods. This doesn’t mean piling the butter on your blueberry muffin. More like, adding a generous amount of grass-fed butter or coconut oil to your sweet potato or oatmeal. Make sense?
Enough of that; let’s get to it…WHY are high-fat diets ideal for busy moms?

1. Spend less time eating.

If you’re so busy you’ve actually wished humans could function without needing to cook, eat, and poop…well, this isn’t quite going to get you that result (sorry!), but it’s a step in the time-saving direction. Since fat has more calories per gram than protein or carbs, the body feels satisfied sooner when eating higher fat foods. This equals less time spent eating, and more time living.

2. Stay full and satisfied longer.

Don’t let yourself get hangry. Keep those hunger pains away longer than if you were eating more carby/starchy foods, which require you to eat more frequently.

3. Prepare less food overall.

Hey, the less volume of food you have to eat…the less volume of food you have to COOK. Win win!

4. You need to eat fat to lose fat.

The body actually needs fat (yes, SATURATED fat, too…gasp!) to lose body fat. It is a huge misconception that eating fat makes you fat. In the decades that the low-fat diet fads have prevailed, we’ve only seen a huge RISE in obesity and health issues. Dietary fat is not the enemy. However, processed foods, sugary foods, sodas…absolutely some of the biggest culprits. For some of the healthiest dietary fat sources, check out this article.

5. It’s delicious.

Come on, admit it…a thick, juicy steak or some smooth grass-fed butter on that sweet potato? Delish. Fresh homemade guacamole? Yes, PLEASE. Flaky, buttery salmon filet? Mmmmm. You get the picture.
Eat fat, and be merry. 🙂

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