A *Realistic* Guide to Living with a Sweet Tooth

It’s no secret that consuming refined sugar is bad for the human body. There’s just no question about it. Almost every chronic disease plaguing developed nations today would be eradicated if we all stopped eating the stuff. We know this; yet, we continue to eat it. While a moving documentary like That Sugar Film might convince us to temporarily change our ways, at some point we will see that delicious frosted cake at a birthday part, or cupcakes in the break room…and it is SO ON.

I know, I get it: I also have a massive sweet tooth. It’s like the thorn in my side. The fact is, many women struggle with this, so you’re not alone. So how do we deal? Truth be told, when my clients and Sexy Mamas first hear the clear guideline to cut out processed foods and sugar for the duration of the 12 week program, most of them start out strong. They clean out their pantries and swear away junk food forever, after learning what it does to their bodies. Somehow, someway, somewhere along the way, though…that muffled sweet tooth rears its ugly little head. I remember how I felt after two months of zero sugar and one daily apple…


And THEN what happens? Yep, you guessed it…It’s called going overboard, people!


If this has happened to you, don’t feel like a freak. The problem is not that we lack willpower. The problem is that we lack a PLAN. So I’m writing this to help you create a plan.

First, can I tell you a little secret? Sometimes I eat cupcakes. And cinnamon rolls. And frosting. GASP!

Whaaaat? The Sexy Mama coach eats FROSTING?!”

Yo, frosting is my vice, and my diet isn’t perfect. But…I have a plan. You see, these things don’t happen at random, whenever I see a slice of pre-cut cake at the store while buying produce, or when I want pie on a whim. Here are my top three tips for creating a Sweet Tooth Plan.

1. Establish Healthy Alternatives


After establishing a diet foundation free of processed foods, sugary foods, sodas, and all else outlined simply in the Sexy Mama Nutrition Guide, find a few “go-to” sweet items that are nutritious and not full of empty calories. My personal favorites are grapes, frozen blueberries, frozen dark cherries, almond butter mixed with raw honey with apple slices, and this french toast recipe post-workouts. It’s still important not to go overboard on eating natural sugars, either, but knowing you have some healthy alternatives in your arsenal helps you more confidently say NO to Hostess snacks!

2. Feed Your (real) Hunger


When you feel that sweet tooth raging, first make a conscious decision to eat something substantial with protein AND fiber. Often times, your body’s intense craving for sweet foods is a signal that you are just hungry, and you physiologically crave something that will give you a quick boost. Hence, wanting simple carbs and SUGAR. You’ll find that keeping your body properly fed often keeps that sweet tooth subdued.

3. Allow Opportunity for Treats


Allow yourself to splurge on the “forbidden” stuff every once in a while in a decisive, respectable, non-binging fashion. We are ladies after all, are we not? 😉 Plan ahead for these “treat events.” I personally like to do this when I know we are going to a birthday party, a special dinner, a holiday event, etc. Sometimes it’s once a week, sometimes once a month. The important thing here is that it isn’t happening on a regular/daily basis, and YOU are consciously making the decision to eat a special treat, and NOT allowing your body to be controlled by cravings in the moment.

There are more sweet tooth details I plan to divulge in the future regarding the role of gut health and hormone imbalances, but these three tips will go a long way, ladies! Give them a try, and let me know how it goes for you. 🙂

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