Day 7

Hooray, one whole week in! Today my husband, the guy who hasn’t eaten cake or frosting in four years, actually said he wants to eat some Snickers or maybe a Kit Kat.


I think this is our sign! He needs help!!

Alright, but seriously…isn’t it interesting how intimately our cravings are tied to our moments of emotional vulnerability? Let’s not also forget the role our hormones play. It’s a wonder we’re not eating chocolate and drinking wine with every meal, except for like maybe two days a month. Oh, who am I kidding? Even those two days are fair game!

I’m about to make a cuppa, enjoy my apple slices and peanut butter, and watch a little Netflix. How’s the Sugar Cleanse going for you so far, and what non-food-related things help you cope with the day to day challenges?


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