Day 16

A whole week has passed since my latest update on the sugar cleanse. To be honest, there wasn’t much to report! Cravings went down a lot (hooray!), and I’ve been managing pretty happily with my (you guessed it) organic frozen cherries. Man, those things are good.

Yesterday, I started baking from some of the recipes I’m posting on, and I gotta tell you…they are pretty amazing. I’m SO happy they’re turning out yummy! Yesterday, I made the cheesecake cups and pumpkin pie, and today I baked the chocolate chip cookies and pecan pie. Oh yes, people. I’m pulling a Betty Crocker/Paula Dean moment here, and it’s beautiful.

And tasty!

BTW…if you’d like updates on the launch of SugarlessHoliday, feel free to sign up for the Sexy Mamas updates on! I hope to hear from you there! 🙂


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