7 Tips to Surviving the Holidays

It’s no secret. The holiday season is among us, and things are probably a little cray. The shopping, the parties, the family get-togethers…the spending, eating, drinking. Are you feeling a little overwhelmed and exhausted yet? Here are 7 tips to help you better enjoy this holiday season.


Celebrations and traditions are wonderful and can help create lifelong family memories, but there’s no need to make things complicated. Stick to the few traditions that make the most impact and bring the most joy to you and your family, and don’t cave under the social pressure of doing other things just because “everybody’s doing it.”

2.Shift Your Mindset

It can be easy to fall into the trap of overdoing things during the holidays, because in our 21st century culture, this is the time it’s all happening. The shopping deals, the extra treats, the huge meals, the abundance of events (including ones you don’t necessarily want to attend). Remember, the holidays come every year, without fail. You can choose whether you want this to be something you look forward to, or a 6-8 week period you absolutely dread! Instead of following the idea that this time of year has to be nuts, shift your focus to the core people who matter most to you, and how to show them extra love not only during the holiday season, but throughout the year.

3.Use the Power of “No”

There’s probably enough going on in your life the rest of the year, let alone during the holiday season if you have school plays, extra commitments, family visits or travels on your calendar. The fact is, “no” is such a powerful and liberating word, and you can use it. Don’t commit to things simply out of obligation. It’s tempting to say yes to every invitation and opportunity that comes along, but in the end, you’re not doing yourself (or anyone else) any real favors. If you pick and choose your commitments more carefully, you’ll enjoy the ones you do attend so much more. No need to lie or explain in detail why you can’t attend the other events; simply say you have plans for that time…even if your plan is downtime with your family, getting your workout in, or just getting rest. It’s totally possible to politely turn someone down and not commit to something you really don’t want to do.

4.Don’t Skip Your Workouts

It may seem logical to cut corners and save time by skimping on your workouts, but you’re doing yourself no favors! Exercising regularly will help you sleep better at night, make better food choices, and give you a much-needed form of stress relief. Efficient, effective workouts don’t have to take a lot of time, either. Workouts like the ones found in the Sexy Mama Movement promote awesome fat-burning in minimal time. On the other hand, don’t feel the need to go overboard on your workouts to compensate for extra holiday eating. Instead, enjoy your treats in moderation and be mindful of fueling your body with nutritious food before indulging in extras.

5.Boost Your Immune System

The last thing you need during the holidays is to come down with a cold or the flu. Protect your immune system by drinking plenty of water, eating lots of veggies, getting enough sleep, washing your hands often, and keeping your sugar intake at a low to moderate level.

6.Spend More on Experiences, and Less on Gifts

Not too long ago, I saw a fantastic post with ideas on how to give experiences as gifts, instead of toys or physical items. While unwrapping a gift will always be fun, consider saving the money you’d otherwise spend on big-ticket toys and items, and put that towards an experience your family has been wanting to have, like a special trip, vacation or outing. If you want, you can still give your family members something to unwrap, like a box with printed images of what kind of things you’ll be doing together!

7.Take a Break

Seriously, though. Sometimes you just need a day. Or an afternoon. Or a trip to Target by yourself without the kids. When you see an opportunity (or need to create one), take it! Wander the mall by yourself on a weekday morning (before holiday shoppers overrun it), find a Groupon for a mani-pedi or massage, or just catch up on a couple uninterrupted episodes of your favorite show. Holidays or not, you deserve a break!

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