3 Ingredients of a Sexy Life

As you tackle the new year head-on, there’s surely no lack of health and fitness tips floating around social media. To step away from the overwhelm a bit, here are just 3 simple ingredients for a sexier life (and sexier you!) in 2016.

1.Establish Healthy Habits

Top-10-benefits-of-daily-exercisesIf it’s results and long-term success you’re after, establishing healthy habits must be a top priority. It takes anywhere from 20 to 300 days to establish a habit, so if something doesn’t come so easily at first, don’t be discouraged–and definitely don’t think there’s anything wrong with you. Some healthy habits will be easier to build than others, and some bad habits may be extra difficult to break. Keep in mind that bad habits cannot simply be eliminated. Our brains like patterns, and they rely on habits. The best way to cut out a bad habit is to replace it with a new (healthier) one! If you’re used to eating junk food late in the evening while watching TV, try having a healthier snack or small cup of relaxing tea instead, for example. Eventually, your brain and body will come to expect and enjoy the new habits and patterns.



2. Commit To Positivity


None of us are perfect. No one can maintain the perfect diet, attitude, etc, all the time. Or even *most* of the time. We’re human; accept that. Accept yourself where you are, but love yourself enough to continue improving, growing and learning. If you skip a workout, make a poor diet choice, or lose your cool for a bit, don’t beat yourself up. Pick yourself back up, take responsibility for your choices and actions, and keep on moving forward. Acknowledge the mistakes and the challenges, but always focus on the positive and speak to yourself positively.

3. Live With Confidence

Hotel Fun

There’s seriously nothing sexier than confidence. Real sexiness begins in the mind, as we make the conscious decision to take ownership of our bodies, minds and lives; and act and make choices in confidence. So live in full confidence, treat others with kindness and respect, and stand up for yourself when necessary. Trust your gut, make the best informed decisions you can, but in the end, don’t second guess yourself and your ability to live a sexy, kickass life!

Which of these three ingredients speaks to you the most? I’d love to hear from you! Speaking of 3 ingredients, if you’d like to make dinner time as simple as three main ingredients, check out my meal planning service at 3ingredientmeals.com!

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