I Lost It (Again)

No, not my mind (let’s be real–I lost that, like, three kids ago;).

I lost it, my motivation. Again. 

Really, how long can a mama be on a roll? Funny how much can change in the motivation department from one week to the next. Heck, from one DAY to the next. Last week, I was unashamedly sharing my parody to Adele’s “Hello,” excitedly recording podcast episodes, launching my new meal planning service, plugging away at new ideas for the year, reading awesome new books, and just in general sporting a pretty darn good attitude. As had been true for months, my motivation was snowballing, building upon each step I took. I didn’t even feel the need to take a break from everything over the holiday season, which is super weird for me.

Then this week happened. Somewhere between the sudden chance of having a liver-related high risk pregnancy, the every-day medical appointments or lab tests, the daily (and frustratingly unproductive) phone calls to sort out my kids’ health insurance for the year, my increasing pelvic discomfort, this relentless all-over mystery itching keeping me up at night, and an apparently teething toddler…yep, I kinda lost it. This morning I awoke realizing I’m fully in veg mode. In “waiting for baby” mode, and quite uncomfortably–not just because of the pelvic pressure, but even more so because of this absolutely incessant pregnancy itching. Seriously, it looks like I have scabies or something. Ugh. Oh, and I just found out I also have a bladder infection. Thanks, body. 

Really, though. I should have seen it coming. No one stays on a roll forever. This is exactly the kind of season or slump I talk about in my podcast, blog, and to my clients. Why am I telling you about my “blah” week (perhaps in too many specific details)? Because I want you to know–no, you need to know– that my journey and every day life is truly not totally delightful, or glamorous.

WHAT?” you may say.

You mean Facebook and Instagram don’t tell the whole story of your life??”

Uhhhh, nope. But I have a feeling you know better than to think it does. I personally intentionally choose to focus on the positive, not to make life appear perfect to any of you, but for my own sanity and emotional/mental well-being. 

So anyways, back to this losing motivation thing. What am I gonna do about it? Well, I’m starting by being honest with all of you about where I’m at right now. I know you have challenges of your own right now, and may be feeling less than excited about life and your newly-set goals. But today is a new day. Tomorrow is, too. So let’s take it a day at a time, focus on the positive, and take small steps forward. Who’s with me?

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