3 No-Scale Ways to Measure Progress

So, I get it. It’s January, and you have goals, plans, and resolutions. Hopefully, you’re still going strong as we now head into February! If you’ve been going strong all month but the number on the scale hasn’t budged much, take heart: you may still be headed in the right direction. Here are three ways to measure progress that have zero to do with your scale.

1.Take Pictures Along The Way

If your goal is too look better in that bikini by summer, or to look great in a sun dress by Spring (or, to look great naked anytime;), your goals don’t truly have much to do with your exact weight. In this case, it will be much more helpful to keep a little album of full-body selfies, taken every 1-4 weeks of your fitness journey. As you follow a solid nutrition and exercise plan, your body composition will begin to change, even if your weight doesn’t make a huge drop. For this reason, evidence of progress in the form of pictures is fantastic!

2. Use Your Tape Measure

The tape measure is a trusty friend, since it can tell you if (and where) you’re dropping the most circumference. If you measure every 1-4 weeks and notice a decrease in measurements, you’re losing fat and replacing that weight with muscle, which will help you burn more fat. #winning!

3. Keep Track Of Your Energy Levels

One of the most common things I hear among mamas and clients is that they want more energy. Energy to keep up with the kids, do fun things, try new activities, get their sexy on, and to just not feel generally exhausted ALL. THE. TIME. Therefore, this is a perfect thing to monitor throughout the weeks and months. Keep a few pages in your journal or notebook to jot down what activities you’re currently doing, how long you can withstand doing them, and how difficult they feel each time on a scale of 1-10. If those activities are getting easier over time, you’re making progress.

However you choose to track your progress, remember that sometimes reaching our goals takes time; more time than we initially expect. Set small, incremental goals every 30-90 days, and always remember what it is that you actually want…because, luckily, the number on that scale does not have the final say!

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