5 REAL Resolutions For Your Real Life

I know, I know: I keep hammering this whole resolutions and new year goals thing. BUT I have good reasons, and I know you want to reach your goals…right? The year is still very young, and





So, as you move forward with your list of goals and motivation in hand, here are five real resolutions for your real life!

1.Get Real With Yourself Daily

Along our journey to better health and fitness, we all have our challenges. Identifying your obstacles on a daily basis proves to be very helpful in overcoming them. Be real and honest with yourself each day, taking into consideration what circumstances might make it challenging to stay faithful to your goals, so you can come up with a game plan to continue taking small steps in the face of those challenges.

2. Focus On Protein and Fiber At Breakfast

Whenever you break your fast each day — whether that be at typical lunch time or at a later hour — fill your plate with protein-rich, high-fiber foods. This will help you feel more satisfied, and keep you feeling fuller longer. Fight those nagging mid-morning sugar cravings by making good food choices at the beginning of your day!

3. Plan Dinners Ahead Of Time

Ever find yourself at a loss for ideas at dinner time? Don’t let unplanned meals creep up on you at 5pm anymore. Create a game plan for the week’s dinners ahead of time, even if that means every-other-night lentil soup (our personal back-up plan;). It sure beats spending your food budget on pricey takeout or unhealthy fast food! And if you want a simple dinner plan already laid out for you, check out 3 Ingredient Meal Plans!

4. Make The Goal “A Little Better” Instead Of “Perfect”

The temptation to be all-or-nothing is SO real. It’s easy to put things off until it is the “right” time, which, let’s face it…never really comes. So make TODAY the “right” day, and remember that some progress is still progress! As long as you’re taking small steps, you’re getting closer to your goals. Whatever you do, don’t wait around for the magical perfect moment to get started.

5. Find Accountability And Support

It can be a real challenge maintaining motivation on your own. Take advantage of any resources you have within your reach–there are so many! From free fitness challenges and recipe guides, to affordable complete plans, there’s something out there for everyone. Make healthy lifestyle changes last by getting the support you need to keep going: detailed fitness plans, coaching, meal planning, accountability, workout partners, etc. If fitness plans, coaching, or meal planning would be helpful to you in reaching your 2016 goals, check out the Sexy Mama Movement for a variety or resources!

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