How to Succeed at Anything

What if succeeding at anything were as simple as having a few things in place?Consider the possibility that you can succeed at anything. I believe the anatomy of success can be broken down into five pieces.

1. Vision


Vision sets the foundation for the life you want. Without vision—that purpose, that why—we can easily fall victim to our circumstances, fail to take ownership, and get sidetracked when something easier or shinier comes along. Every single area of life will flourish with vision, and struggle without it. Consider what you want, why you want it, what that looks like, and what impact it will have when you get it, and keep the vision front and center.

2. Commitment


Those with 100% commitment are unstoppable. When we fully commit to something or someone, regrets are impossible. There is no failure; only feedback. What does commitment look like? Taking risks. Persisting. Putting your heart into it. Not letting circumstances get in the way. Consider, how committed are you today to your life, your relationships, your career, and your health?

3. Authenticity


Authenticity is one of those words that’s thrown around lightly, like a sprinkle of parmesan on a supreme pizza that already looks super busy. Those who dare to discover who they are and what they stand for, are the ones who unapologetically and profoundly impact their world.

4. Integrity


As the saying goes, a man is only as good as his word. Any time we say we will do something and then don’t, we’re out of integrity. The painful truth is that those who do not live with integrity are not trustworthy. Those without integrity will not reach their ultimate vision of success. The key is to acknowledge the break of integrity, and then recommit, prepared to absorb the potential consequences of breaking integrity.

5. Competition


Animals in the wild routinely engage in fierce competition, not to crush their opponent; but rather so that both parties can refine and strengthen their skills. Think of a group of young lion cubs. While they often walk away with a few scrapes and bruises, they emerge stronger, faster, and more resilient. In the end, they are not opponents; they are on the same team. The underlying tone is an outward-focus of bringing out the greatness in each other, which has a profound sense of oneness.

Really, could it be that simple? It’s okay if you have your doubts. Humor me, and put these five principles to the test. You just may get everything you want, and more.


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