Quit These 3 Things to Get Your Sh*t Together

Have you ever just thought to yourself, “I need to get my crap together!” Probably. You probably have. I know I have! While I’m not an advocate of being a quitter in life, there are three things we absolutely must quit doing to get our stuff together.

Step One: Quit thinking of It As Sh*t.


The whole “I have to make breakfast,” “I have to go to work,” “I have to eat my veggies so I don’t get constipated” thing is simply not a way to live, ladies! Imagine the freedom that comes with the perception of getting to do things. You get to spend time with your baby and, in the process, clean up his diaper blowout. You get to live in a home that is most welcoming when mildew is not all over the place. You get to own clothing that wears best when washed. Do you get the idea? Re-frame that sh*t into opportunity and gratitude.

Step Two: Quit Should’ing On Yourself.


When our self-talk is a bunch of shoulda-coulda-woulda, that communicates regret, guilt, and even shame, to your unconscious mind and to your kids. Saying you SHOULD do something is absolutely meaningless. It’s either gonna happen, or it isn’t. Is it important? Then commit to getting it done. Is it not so important, to you, right now? Then unapologetically admit it. However you do it, erase “should” from your vocabulary, and write in “I will,” or “I choose to.”

Step Three: Quit Do-Do’ing Without Purpose.


That stuff gets messy. I’m just saying. When you run around and do, do, do, do without stopping to think about who you are being…honestly, it’s cowardly. Do-do’ing without purpose is a big, fat red flag that you’re avoiding the big questions. Like, “who am I?” “What am I doing?” “Am I satisfied with my life?” “Can Google tell me how to get a red wine stain off my white shirt?” Let’s get real. You can’t run away from these questions forever. Maybe it’s time to cut through the noise, ditch the meaningless activities, and take an honest-to-God look at how you’re showing up in the world.


If any of this strikes a nerve or inspires a big YES, this movement is for you. Welcome to your tribe, Sexy Mama. If you’re itching for more, join the fun fest at SexyMamaMovement.com. Also, please chime in with your thoughts on this idea. How do you keep your sh*t together? What are your go-to mind & life “hacks?” I’d love to hear from you!




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